What is MINDBODY Coaching?

A step toward personal clarity.

We all have times in life when the way forward gets murky. When we begin to doubt we know the the next ‘best’ steps. When we see clouds rather than their silver linings. Navigating a changing world right now may feel like a monumental struggle. As your Coach, Sara Picken-Brown can help you build a path toward joy and wellness.

The value of Coaching

You work with a supportive personal advocate for your success. A Coach helps you assess and change the areas where road blocks exist. To identify the faulty beliefs and thinking that are blocking your happiness, your progress and the full expression of your life.

Our biography becomes our biology, when we bring conscious choice our wellbeing, our physical and mental health can truely flourish. A Coach helps you to create the space, the structure and give effective tools so you can bring balance to your life and your health on your own terms. To create for yourself the awareness and understanding that will lead to physical, emotional, spiritual success in life.

Sara works, mostly with female clients, to address and shift areas of health obstacles. To identify where belief impedes wellness and to take charge of your personal wellbeing.

For the past 20 years Sara has been working with women to:

  • Build Stronger Personal Boundaries and have more authentic experiences.
  • Create Stronger Relationships with themselves, in the workplace and with romantic partners
  • Navigate Wellbeing and Fitness plans at the onset of menopause.
  • Working through unhelpful or negative ‘dysmorphic patterns’ around food or exercise?
  • Rebuilding your sense of ‘self’ after domestic abuse or trauma?
  • Stuck in a loop with your wellbeing and health and uncertain how to break free?
  • Need a strategy to move better, manage injury or be pain free finally?
  • Need a plan for balancing your health needs around family, work and social life commitments?
  • Need a clear Nutrition, Exercise or Lifestyle strategy to improve your health and wellbeing?

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