Founder of the SPB Body Method and Private Wellbeing Coach Sara Picken-Brown has spent 20years designing the bodies and wellbeing of people from a variety of genetic and lifestyle backgrounds. Today she runs her successful body transformation programs online, internationally,  and in-person around London. 
Sara is a former professional ballerina, professional Figure Sculpting Champion with multiple national titles and world rankings. Her programs combine Pilates, Fitness, Yoga and Barre to help your build strength, correct posture, manage pain and get more mobile. The signature ‘Strong Body 30’ progressive program is designed for every level of fitness and ability. It guarantees a challenging, sweaty 30min workout for mind and body. 
Together with her intimate understanding of nutrition, the unique needs of the female hormonal and metabolic system, Sara’s SPB Body Method brings balance and understanding where there was none. 
Enjoy the program or engage in a Private Coaching program to build confidence, reduce anxiety and uncover the unique beauty that resides within.

We Specialises in:

Posture & Pain Management: Programs in pain management & prevention using yoga, pilates and fitness modalities in your unique, personalised program. The SPB Body Method helps build strength, fitness and manage postural weakness resulting in back pain, hip pain and SI joint problems.

Transformations that last: Creating a healthier relationship with your body through the body transformation process. Working through negative food relationships, body dysmorphia & hormonal imbalances to bring harmony to your health.

Building self- worth: Honing your self-care, self-awareness and self-belief. Working with Sara you develop skills to create and manage clear personal boundaries, a stronger sense of self-worth & self-esteem. These programs are particularly effective for those healing from trauma related domestic abuse.

Resilience Programs– Are you building a new business, experiencing shifts in your relationships or dealing with health challenges or transitions? Change is confronting and frightening at any stage in life, building your resilience muscle will help ease the fear and keep you focused.

SPB Body Method Signature Series

The SPB Body Method Signature Series is a culmination of 20 years spent transforming both her own physique and those of an array of clients globally and as a result, she has developed a range of workouts that cater to women wanting to build strength, manage injury, return from pregnancy or simply start their fitness journey. SPB’s workouts are built on repetitive movements, which use body resistance and light-heavy hand weights to build strength & endurance in the major muscle groups without bulking up. Arms, tummy, glutes, legs and back, whatever your target zone of work there is a workout or series just for you.  

Her programs focus heavily on the leg muscles, with high repetitions of motions like leg lifts, kicks, and deep bends.
Repeated arm movements using your own resistance and light hand weights strengthen shoulders and arms. You will repeat the same movements in block groups of 3-5 sets as you progress through the program, repetitions range from 10-50reps, which will make you sweat and tire out your muscles.

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