How Chair Yoga Can Benefit Seniors & Care-home Residents

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Chair yoga involves modified yoga moves with the support of a chair for the whole session. No matter if participants are wheel chair bound or have partial use of their body due to Stroke or Parkinsons, Chair Yoga can have a range of benefits both physically and mentally. Allowing for participants to connect with each other in a group setting that is inclusive and encouraging as well as feeling accomplished in their daily routines.

Benefits include:

1. Accessibility

If your mobility is limited or you’ve never tried yoga before, the idea of getting down on the ground to perform poses can be daunting. Sitting in a sturdy chair to perform movements can ease the stress and help you reap the rewards of yoga in a more comfortable and realistic way.

2. Pain Relief and Treatment

If you experience pain such as back pain, joint pain, and arthritis, chair yoga could be a wonderful antidote to help with this. Research has shown it can decrease pain and improve mobility in people with knee osteoarthritis. Chair Yoga can help lubricate joints, promote blood flow, strengthen muscles, and relieve inflammation.

3. Balance and Flexibility

Yoga is also known for an ability to improve balance and flexibly. It might achieve this in multiple ways. One is that it encourages a stronger mind-body connection. Paying attention to how you’re moving your body to reach a specific position creates awareness and improves neural pathways to target specific muscles. This can create better physical awareness that improves balance.

It can also help improve strength and flexibility so you are better equipped to move your body faster and further, when needed. This can help reduce the risk for falls and injuries.

Contact the Memosyn Program Team to find out how we can bring the joy of movement to your residents.

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