Holistic Therapy & Coaching with Sara

Private sessions with one of Londons most respected Coaches, Sara Picken-Brown, are available to book.

The goal private coaching is to help you build your own practice. To help you feel comfortable and safe in your practice. To learn how to modify your personal practice and then feel secure when moving to a group class.

Perhaps you have an injury or chronic condition.

Perhaps you need to incorporate safe alignment and modifications into your practice. Getting a package of introductory sessions 1-on-1 can be helpful.

Is strength an area of focus? We suggest a combination of Mat Pilates and Yoga sessions to build confidence and mobility, from here you can join our group sessions with confidence.

Remember you only get strong by doing the work and you only get flexibility by getting moving. The sooner you start, the sooner you will feel and move better.

Sara offers sessions and packages in:

Injury Care/Rehab

Yoga Technique & Beginner Programs

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Personal Development and Communication Coaching

If you are unsure how best to proceed contact Sara to arrange a call or simply book a session online.