14 Day Mind Body Detox Challenge




I am so excited to share the next 14 Days of this Challenge with you. You will get stronger, greater mental clarity, more energised and more vibrant. This is your mind, body and energy journey toward vitality. The program that has been set out in the following pages has been designed for you to feel empowered to exercise and focus on your needs, goals and progress for the next 14 days. You can repeat the Challenge as often as you like, or simply complete it once, the choice is yours. The program is set out into daily exercise sessions, sample meal planners and recipes with guidelines around gaining the best results. As the title suggests, this is a ‘challenge’, that means you will be pushed out of your comfort zones. This is a perfect time to address any limiting beliefs around food, lifestyle and exercise that are holding you back and also break through any plateaus in your program that have been creating frustrations. Together we will move beyond these to achieve your goals.


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