GLOW Fusion-8 Workout Program


8 amazing workouts to start your journey from Londons premier Trainer, Sara Picken-Brown


A non-impact, full body focused class to help you build muscle, burn calories and support joint health. ‘Glow’ combines mat Pilates, Barre/Balletfit, functional fitness conditioning and strength training principles to achieve your mind-body goals.
‘Glow’ is a culmination of 20 years spent transforming both her own physique and those of an array of clients globally. The result is the development of a range of workouts that cater to women wanting to build strength, manage injury, return from pregnancy or simply start their fitness journey. Workouts are built on repetitive movements, which use body resistance and light hand weights to build strength & endurance in the major muscle groups without bulking up.

Arms, tummy, glutes, legs and back, whatever your target zone of work, there is a workout or series just for you. Her programs focus heavily on the leg muscles, with high repetitions of motions like leg lifts, kicks, and deep bends.
Repeated arm movements using your own resistance and light hand weights strengthen shoulders and arms. All set to a fun and uplifting sound track which will make you sweat and tire out your muscles creating that all important goal physique and have you feeling strong, capable and ready to take on your world.


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