GLOW Fusion-Next Level (Int-Adv)


11 video on demand collection signature series of workouts from Londons Premier Trainer, Sara Picken-Brown


A non-impact, full body focused program to help you build muscle, burn calories and support joint health. The ‘SPB Body Method’ combines pilates, barre/ballet, functional fitness and strength training principles to support your body.

If you enjoyed Series 1, then Series 2 will take you to the next level in your progress. You are invited to add weight or not as you need relative to your desired goals, nutrition program.
Above all listen to you body, enjoy your personal time and crank up the tunes as you fee you need. This series is designed to be a pick ‘n’ mix for what you need on any given day.
Combine videos if you have the time, or complete one session if time is limited.


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